Peer-to-peer songwriting has been one of the most anticipated additions to the Jammaround landscape, and we’re excited to announce it will soon be a reality.

One of the early questions we asked ourselves when we decided to set out on our journey to connect music creators across the world was; “how do we protect artists from faulty connections?”. We decided to reimagine how music creators write their music and bake in tools to help protect them down the line.

The Jammpad will enable music creators to write their songs in a safe and secure platform that values their intellectual property rights. This feature is the first step in a plan that will bring us closer to streamlining the music composition process.

We have been interviewing music creators for a little over two years now. We notice that most of them use traditional native phone notepads and voice recorders to create their lyrics and melodies before going to the studio. This can create problems if the lyrics are lost and the writer can’t prove that they wrote the song. These tools also lack features that can make the songwriting process simpler.

Industries need niche technologies to save time and money. Music artists shouldn’t be using a phone notepad to write their compositions. The composition is the first piece of intellectual property created in the music supply chain, the music community needs a better solution.

How does the Jammpad work?

If you’re interested in testing out the Jammpad, you first need to understand how the feature will work, so we’ve summarized how it will work below.

Version 1

The first iteration of the Jammpad will be a single user lyric notepad with text and autosave features. This version won’t allow users to invite links to their session.

Version 2

The second version of the Jammpad will allow users to invite music creators that they have linked with to collaborate on a song. There will also be a song ownership menu for assigning ownership percentages to users that you invite to your session.

Version 3

The third (not final) version of the Jammpad will have songwriting tools to simplify the process. This version will also allow users to add music to their session from linked producers, or their personal collection.

We don’t want to spill the beans on our homerun, but we can say that we are positioning ourselves to help connect and protect music creators.

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