Understanding Music Splits: Everything you need to know

Navigating the complex world of music rights and royalties can be daunting for artists, producers, songwriters, and others involved in the music industry. However, grasping the concept of music splits is essential for ensuring that every contributor gets their fair share of the earnings from a piece of music. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the concept of music splits, […]

The Growth of Music Private Equity and the Imperative for Frictionless Music Rights Management

The music industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and the rise of digital platforms. One notable development within this landscape is the growing presence of private equity in the music sector. This article explores how music private equity is expanding and the importance of establishing a frictionless system for buying, selling, […]

Do Music Artists and Start-Up Founders Share a Common Journey?

Introduction: In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, unexpected connections often arise between seemingly disparate industries. One such intriguing intersection exists between music artists and startup founders. Despite their apparent differences, these two worlds share several parallels, from the early days of distribution to the intricacies of contracts and the value of intellectual property (IP). In this article, we […]

Get Ready for a More Productive Songwriting Experience with Our Blocks Interface

We are excited to announce the development of our new blocks interface, a revolutionary feature that will transform the way you compose music. Our team has been hard at work creating a tool that will simplify the composition process and provide greater control over your music creations. The blocks interface is a powerful tool that allows users to easily add […]

Understanding Music Royalties: How to Make Sure You’re Getting Paid for Your Work

As a musician, it’s essential to receive payment for your work. Music royalties are the income earned from the use of your songs, whether it’s through live performances, streaming, or other means. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of music royalties, how to ensure you’re getting paid, and how to increase your earnings. First, let’s break down the two […]