Take Control of Your Music Career

Collaborate seamlessly, protect your intellectual property, streamline your creative workflows, and connect with industry professionals.

For Artists

Discover a suite of powerful songwriting tools that inspire creativity, streamline collaboration, and enhance your workflow. Protect your intellectual property with our secure file format and ownership tracking features. 


Jammaround offers a suite of innovative tools that make the songwriting process more efficient, collaborative, and enjoyable.


Jammaround comes with all of the tools needed to write songs and collaborate with others.


Jammaround allows artists to collaborate with songwriters and producers with an effective split tracking feature.

For Administrators

With comprehensive features and tools tailored for administrative workflows, lawyers, managers, and labels can effectively manage their clients’ intellectual property, review and negotiate contracts, discover talent, track ownership, and ensure legal compliance.


Jammaround gives lawyers the opportunity to approve or deny collaboration requests on behalf of their clients.


Jammaround’s advanced security features help to safeguard your musical ideas and protect your intellectual property.

Ownership Tracking

Jammaround’s ownership split tracking feature ensures that all contributors to a composition are recognized, making it easier for to collaborate.

Copyright registration made simple with Jammaround.

Protect your passion and take control of your music career with Jammaround’s copyright registration services. Our registration system establishes a clear ownership trail and helps to safeguard your intellectual property.

Jammaround for Android

Get ready to take your songwriting to the next level – Jammaround for Android is coming soon! Join our waitlist now to be the first to know when it’s available.


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