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Jammaround is the easiest way for music creators to get music into ASCAP, BMI, the U.S. Copyright Office, and more.

PRO Registration plans start at $59.99 per year

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Save hours of time sending songs to ASCAP and BMI. Pay only $59.99 for unlimited PRO registrations for the year along with a suite of song management tools. (Copyright registrations sold separately) 

Register your music everywhere

Whether you’re a member of ASCAP or BMI, we can get your music registered. We also can do your single or album copyrights.

Features you won’t find anywhere else

Explore our web and mobile app to make your workflow even faster

Jammaround makes it easier for music creators to write, organize, and register their music. With just a few clicks, our app neatly packages your lyrics, demos, masters, and ownership data. Ready for quick sharing with PROs and copyright offices? Streamline your rights management and licensing with Jammaround.


I use Jammaround to store my beat data and register copyrights.

Chase N. Cashe

RIAA Diamond Producer

I love using Jammaround to manage my splits. It makes it feel like a game.


Jammaround is way faster than registering one by one through BMI.

M.J. Gill

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jammaround?

Jammaround is a cutting-edge music rights management platform designed to make it easier for musicians to write, submit, organize, and protect their music. Our platform streamlines the process of registering with PROs, managing song data, and ensuring that your creations are fully protected and ready for collaboration, sharing, and licensing.

Why should I use Jammaround?

You should use Jammaround because it simplifies the complexities of music rights management. With our service, you can manage all your music rights from one place, write songs with friends, set ownership splits with a user-friendly interface that saves you time and effort. Our .jamm file format consolidates your music information, making submissions to PROs and the copyright office straightforward.

Who uses Jammaround?

Jammaround is used by a wide range of music creators, from songwriters and producers to independent artists and music industry professionals. Whether you’re looking to manage your own rights or you’re an administrator handling rights for multiple artists, Jammaround offers the tools you need for efficient and comprehensive rights management.

How much will it cost me?

Jammaround PRO subscription is a yearly subscription for $59.99

Do I need to make an ASCAP or BMI account?

Yes, if you want to collect performance royalties, you’ll need to be registered with a PRO such as ASCAP or BMI. Jammaround facilitates the registration process, but you’ll still need to have an account with these organizations to track and collect royalties generated from your music.

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