As a musician, it’s essential to receive payment for your work. Music royalties are the income earned from the use of your songs, whether it’s through live performances, streaming, or other means. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of music royalties, how to ensure you’re getting paid, and how to increase your earnings.

First, let’s break down the two main types of royalties: performance and mechanical. Performance royalties are paid when your music is played live or on radio or television. Mechanical royalties, on the other hand, are paid when your music is reproduced and distributed, such as on streaming platforms or when a song is used in a commercial.

To ensure you’re getting paid for your work, it’s crucial to register your music with the appropriate organizations. Performance rights organizations (PROs) like ASCAP or BMI collect and distribute performance royalties on behalf ofsongwriters and publishers. Additionally, registering with mechanical rights organizations (MROs) like Harry Fox Agency or Music Reports guarantees that you’ll receive mechanical royalties.

a photo of popular performance rights organizations

Another way to increase your income is through licensing your music. This can include licensing your songs for use in films, television shows, or commercials. You can also license your music for use in video games or as background music for businesses.

Also, keep track of your royalties and have a clear understanding of your contracts and agreements. This can help you to identify any discrepancies or issues that may arise, and take the necessary steps to resolve them.

At Jammaround, we understand the importance of receiving royalties for your work. That’s why we’re building a feature of ownership split tracking, to ensure that all contributors are recognized and receive their fair share of royalties. We also provide resources and guides on how to register your music with PROs and MROs, and how to license your music for additional income.

Understanding music royalties and how they work is crucial for any songwriter or independent artist. By registering your music with PROs and MROs, licensing your music and keeping track of your royalties, you can ensure that you’re getting paid for your work and increase your income as a musician. Jammaround is dedicated to helping you to navigate the music industry and make sure you receive the royalties you deserve.