Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the music industry with our rights management platform that empowers independent music artists and administrators.


Brent Craige

Product & Marketing

Brent Craige, a seasoned entrepreneur and music industry expert, brings over seven years of diverse experience, including directing music videos and managing artists. His leadership in a flourishing marketing agency and dedication to solving music rights issues fuel his CEO role as a driving force behind Jammaround's mission.

Donovan Williams


Donovan Williams, a seasoned tech leader, boasts 17 years of expertise in web development and digital solutions, crucial in shaping Jammaround's features. As CTO, he drives the realization of the company's music industry-focused vision into a seamless, user-friendly platform.

Marlon Butler

Artist Relations

Marlon Butler, with a background in engineering and DJing, offers a rare fusion of technical and artistic insight to Jammaround. As Head of A&R, he leverages hands-on music industry experience to craft user-centric solutions, empowering creators with effective rights management and collaborative tools.

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