Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers independent music creators to create, collaborate, and protect their work, all while promoting simplicity and accessibility.


Brent Craige

Product & Marketing

Donovan Williams


Marlon Butler

Artist Relations


Imagine a world where songwriters can create and collaborate without fear of their work being stolen or exploited. At Jammaround, we are committed to making this world a reality by providing an innovative and secure platform for music creators to thrive. Our vision is to revolutionize the music industry by empowering every artist to succeed and be recognized for their unique talents, regardless of their background or resources.

Why Jammaround?

As the music industry becomes more saturated, songwriters and artists need a platform that streamlines their workflow, so they can create more efficiently and protect their work. Jammaround offers an innovative solution that allows artists to maximize their productivity and creativity, all while safeguarding their intellectual property.

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