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Why Jammaround?

Music creation is a collaborative process. Creators run into problems when trying to discover collaborators and manage their creations during the composition process. Collaboration also opens up a lot opportunity for manipulation when ownership percentages are distributed among contributors.

 Jammaround is an all in one solution that streamlines the music composition process. We do this through our jammpad and discovery features that enable music creators to make music connections, and manage their compositions on the cloud.


Brent Craige

Brent is a brand focused entrepreneur who co-founded Jammaround to provide a simple and secure way for music artists to connect. He has previously worked with Young Money Records, and Empire on production and management projects.

Donovan Williams

Donovan is a co-founder and head of strategy in data science and user experience, ensuring that Jammaround’s offerings meet user expectations. His prior work includes web development roles in independent web2 and web3 projects

Marlon Butler

Marlon is a supply chain engineer and celebrity DJ responsible for community management and product cohesion. He has worked with hundreds of independent music creators, playing key roles in management and distribution.

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