Navigating Jammaround Split Charts

Pie Chart Visualization: #

  • The pie charts visually represent the percentage split of songwriting and publishing rights among collaborators.
  • Different colors in the pie chart correlate to different collaborators, providing a clear visual differentiation of shares.

Writer Splits: #

  • The ‘Writer Splits’ section lists all the contributors to the songwriting process.
  • Each writer’s percentage share is indicated next to their name, with the user’s share highlighted as “You”.
  • The shares are color-coded to match the pie chart segments, reinforcing visual clarity.

Publisher Splits: #

  • The ‘Publisher Splits’ section operates similarly to the writer splits, showing the distribution of publishing rights.
  • It lists the publishers involved and their respective share percentages.
  • As with writer splits, the user’s share is highlighted and color-coded.

Overall Split Percentage: #

  • The UI includes a control that seems to allow the user to toggle between seeing the splits in full (100%) or perhaps in an expanded view (200%), which indicates a different scale of viewing the splits.

Collaborator Icons and Details: #

  • Each collaborator’s name is accompanied by their profile picture, providing quick visual recognition.
  • The UI seems user-centric, as it identifies the user with a “You” tag next to their name, making it clear what their share is in both the writer and publisher splits.

Adjusting Splits: #

  • It is likely that users can adjust splits directly from this interface, with changes reflecting immediately in the pie chart and the listed percentages.
  • The interface appears intuitive, potentially allowing for drag-and-drop adjustments or clicking on percentages for manual editing.

Dynamic Interface: #

  • The interface is dynamic, meaning as new collaborators are added or percentages are changed, the pie chart updates in real-time to reflect these modifications.
  • This real-time update provides immediate feedback and ensures transparency among all collaborators.

Summary: #

The split charts in Jammaround are designed to offer a comprehensive and clear overview of how different aspects of a song’s intellectual property are shared among collaborators. This helps prevent disputes and ensures that all parties are on the same page regarding their contributions and expected royalties.

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