Inviting a Collaborator

Step 1: Open the Invitation Menu

  • Navigate to the Jammaround workspace where your jamm file is located.
  • Open the ‘Invite User’ menu to start the process of inviting a collaborator.

Step 2: Enter Collaborator Information

  • In the ‘Enter Username’ field, type in the Jammaround username of the person you wish to invite as a collaborator.

Step 3: Define Collaboration Parameters

  • ‘Block Types’: Specify the types of blocks or sections the collaborator can access or edit. Blocks could represent different parts of a song, like verses, chorus, bridge, etc.
  • ‘Block Count’: Indicate the number of blocks the collaborator is allowed to contribute to or modify.
  • ‘Writing Share’: Assign the percentage of writing credits the collaborator will have. This is important for royalty distribution and credit allocation.
  • ‘Publishing Share’: Set the percentage of publishing rights the collaborator will own.

Step 4: Additional Notes and Terms

  • In the ‘Additional Notes and Terms’ section, provide any specific instructions, conditions, or legal terms that apply to the collaboration. This may include confidentiality agreements, deadlines, or other project-related terms.

Step 5: Send the Invitation

  • Review all the information to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Click on the ‘Send Invite’ button to send an invitation to the collaborator. The collaborator will then receive a notification and can accept the invite to start collaborating on the project.

Step 6: Await Confirmation

  • Wait for the collaborator to accept the invitation. You may need to follow up with them outside the platform if necessary.

Step 7: Collaborate and Manage

  • Once the collaborator has accepted the invitation, begin collaborating on the project.
  • Use Jammaround’s tools and features to manage the collaboration effectively, track progress, and communicate with your team.

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