Simplify Your Songwriting

Jammaround is the all-in-one songwriting solution for music creators, offering advanced tools, and cloud storage features


Cloud Storage

Keep all of your compositions organized and easily accessible with our cloud storage feature, allowing you to access your work from anywhere with an internet connection.


Advanced Songwriting Tools

Our advanced songwriting tools, including a rhyming dictionary, voice memo recorder, beat playback, and teleprompter mode, help you to efficiently and effectively bring your creative ideas to life.

Rhyme Dictionary

A tool that helps songwriters find words that rhyme with a specific word, providing inspiration and support during the songwriting process.

Song Memos

A feature that allows songwriters to record and save voice memos of their ideas, so they can capture inspiration on the go and refer back to it later.

Composition Management

Features that allow songwriters to store and share their work securely, enabling them to organize their work and share ideas more efficiently.

View Mode

A feature that enables songwriters to perform their compositions in the studio by displaying the lyrics on a screen in front of them, helping them stay on track and deliver a polished recording.

Your words, your world.

Lyric and melody management is essential for any song maker who wants to build their craft. Never miss an idea or moment of inspiration.

Subscription Plans


  • Lyric Notepad
  • Rhyming Dictionary
  • Song Memos
  • 25 Jamm Limit


$60 $30/year
  • Unlimited Jamms
  • Teleprompter Mode
  • Lyric Notepad
  • Song Memos
  • Rhyming Dictionary


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