This Free On-Demand Training Reveals

How To Make Your Music Work for You: Apply to Be Part of Jammaround’s Music Catalog

This Training Includes 3 Lessons + 1 Bonus

LESSON #1: Introducing The Jammaround Music Fund

Learn about our unique initiative designed to acquire non-exclusive licensing rights to music assets. Discover how a 70/30 split can benefit you when your music is placed.

LESSON #2: The Blueprint to Maximizing Your Music Assets

Get insights into our proven strategies that help artists turn their music into a sustainable revenue source. Understand the potential of your music in today's market.

LESSON #3: Mastering the Jammaround Platform for Success

Learn how to use Jammaround effectively to showcase your music. We’ll guide you through creating share.jammaround.com links for your demos – the only format we accept for review.

BONUS #1: Personalized Strategy Session After Training

Complete the training to unlock the opportunity to book a one-on-one ‘Deep Dive’ call with our team to strategize your individual path in the Jammaround Creator Fund.


What is the Jammaround Music Fund?

The Jammaround Music Fund is our commitment to supporting and investing in the talent of musicians like you. It’s a unique initiative designed to acquire non-exclusive licensing rights to your music assets, offering you a new stream of revenue and greater exposure for music placements.

FAIR PRICING: 70/30 Revenue Split IF your song gets placed

Not only do we pay you out per song, if your music gets placed, enjoy a favorable 70/30 revenue split, putting more earnings in your pocket.

PRICING GUIDE: How much will we pay for music assets?

Beats $25 per asset - Lyrics $15 per asset - Full Songs $50 per asset
example, if we buy 50 beat licenses you receive $1,250

Who Should Join?

This training is ideal for musicians, producers, and bands eager to leverage their music but unsure how to monetize effectively. Whether you’re just starting or already making some income, this training is the key to unlocking new revenue streams for your music.

Meet Your Instructor…

Your instructor for this training is Brent Craige, the visionary CEO of Jammaround.

Brent Craige is a seasoned entrepreneur and a respected figure in the music industry, known for his innovative approach and deep understanding of the music business. His journey in the industry began as a music video director, artist manager, and singer-songwriter, experiences that granted him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the music world. 

Brent’s passion for innovation and his commitment to solving complex issues in music rights management have been the driving force behind Jammaround. His vision for the company stems from a deep desire to empower artists, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of music rights and monetization with ease and confidence.

Photo: Left/ Brent Pitching Jammaround Right/ Brent and Doug E Fresh

This Free On-Demand Training Reveals

How To Make Your Music Work for You By Joining Jammaround’s Music Catalog

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