Over the last 6-8 months, we have been conceptualizing, and building Jammaround. We learned a lot of lessons during this time about what it means to build and deliver quality software.

Last month we held our first two songwriting camps sponsored by Red Bull. Our goal was to get Jammaround in the hands of music creators and see how it helped their songwriting process. We had a lot of great feedback and are now ready to start letting small groups into our TestFlight for late stage testing.

Music artists using Jammaround to write music

TestFlight users will get access to special privileges as we build Jammaround that will be disclosed at a later date. Users will also get first access to new features before they hit the official app store. We are also working on a test version for Android users.

Jammaround’s primary use case is for songwriters. We will have secondary features appealing to every category of music creator from producers, to musicians, and audio engineers.

In this version of Jammaround users can do the following:

  • Make an account
  • Create and access folders
  • Open Jammpad
  • Save lyrics on the cloud
  • Use rhyming dictionary
  • Use reference track recorder

If you submitted your information to the waitlist and received an invite to our Apple test group, you need to download TestFlight in order to access the beta version. We are still adding features and fixing bugs. Our only ask is that you use it, and provide us with a little feedback to help us grow the product.

We will also be considering songwriting camps based on where our most active TestFlight users are from.

Join our waitlist to be considered for closed beta testing.