There are many ways to make money in the music industry. Of course, most musicians hope to make a living off of their work. But there are many other ways for musicians to generate an income from their craft outside of just selling records.

One way is by recording and selling beats. Beat sales can be extremely profitable for busy producers. Here are some tips on selling your beats online and building a sustainable business.

How to set up your website

The first step in selling your beats online is to set up a website. You can use a site like Weebly and WordPress to design and maintain your own website. While these sites won’t give you the functionality of a paid site, they offer easy drag-and-drop options that make it relatively easy to get started. You’ll want to set up your site so that it is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

You’ll also need to promote your website in order for people to be able to find you. There are many ways you can market your site, but one way that is particularly effective is through social media ads. When it comes time to actually purchase an ad on Facebook or Instagram, it’s important to remember two things: 1) ad size matters and 2) timing matters. You’ll want to make sure that the ad reaches as wide of an audience as possible by using the biggest image option available (300×250). And if you have the budget, the best times for ads are early mornings or late nights when people are more likely not working and browsing social media. By utilizing ads during those hours, you’re opening yourself up for greater visibility. Another way to get visibility is by using music networking apps like Jamm Around to find music creators who want to work with other artists.

Deciding what price point you’ll provide for your beats is another key factor in selling them online successfully. If you’re selling individual beats for $5 each, you may have tons of customers but not a lot of revenue coming in from those sales

Who buys music beats?

There are many different types of people that buy music beats. Some may be looking for a specific type of sound or style. Other buyers might be looking for a beat to rap over. However, the most common buyers are rappers themselves. This is because recording and selling your own beats can provide you with a steady stream of income. And if you’re MC, it’s imperative that you keep up with the latest trends and sounds in order to maintain relevancy in the rap game.

SEO for your website

One of the most important parts of your digital marketing strategy is SEO. When you are first starting out, SEO can seem confusing and overwhelming. There are many things to take into consideration when optimizing a website, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

In order to ensure that people find your website organically through search engines, there are certain steps you can take. This includes adding tags and keywords in your site’s title tags of posts or pages. You should also include keywords in the copy of your post and use them in headings for navigation as well. For example, if the blog post was about “How To Sell Beats Online,” you would want those keywords throughout the page so that it appears prominently in Google’s search results.

A more time-consuming way to optimize your website is by linking internally and externally between posts on your site to other websites with related content or ideas. This will show up as relevant content in searches and provide additional links for readers who are looking for more information on a specific topic.

Pricing and payments for music beats

The first thing to consider when selling beats is pricing. What do you want for your beat? A good rule of thumb is to price them at $50-$150. And whatever price you decide on make sure to include an email address in the ad so that buyers can contact you.

After pricing your beats, it’s important to consider payment methods. You could offer a wide range of options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, or any other type of online payment service. Or you could even require wire transfers if you prefer. Payment methods are up to the producer!


If you are a producer and you want to sell your beats online, there are some things you need to know. You will need to set up your website, make sure you’re using SEO, find out who your potential customers are, and set your price and payment methods. The more work you put into it, the more success you will have with selling beats online.

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