When it comes to music production, the tools you use are just as important as your talent. It can be difficult to decide which one is best for you in a market saturated with audio workstations.

This list of six digital audio workstations will help you make the right choice for your personal needs and budget.

There’s an option for everyone on this list from beginners to professionals. Whether you’re looking for a fully-featured package or something that’s more lightweight, these audio workstations are worth checking out.

What is an audio workstation?

An audio workstation is software that allows you to record, edit, and produce music. Different types of audio workstations provide different features for music production so you should choose one based on your needs.

Why use an audio workstation?

Audio workstations are an essential part of your studio. They allow you to manipulate audio with precision and ease, without ever having to touch the computer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, it’s important to find the best digital audio workstation for your needs. Using an audio workstation means that you can start recording, mixing, and mastering on a computer with a single piece of equipment. You’ll be able to record a track all the way through, from start to finish. And with so many features available in these workstations, you’ll have more control over your sound than ever before. Furthermore, these digital audio workstations are designed to be as user-friendly as possible; they’re designed for musicians and producers like yourself who need an intuitive interface designed specifically for music production. The last thing you want is to spend hours figuring out how to use your digital audio workstation when what you really want is results!

How to choose the right one for you

When it comes to choosing an audio workstation, there’s really only one question you need to ask yourself: What is the end goal? If your goal is to simply produce a track and get it out, then the requirements are less specific. However, if you’re looking for a more robust suite of features and functionality, then you’ll need to do some research. Start by asking yourself what type of music production you want to do. Do you want to produce electronic music? Do you want to produce hip-hop? Would you like to create sound effects for video games or film? Knowing your intentions will help narrow down your search for the perfect audio workstation for your needs.

After that, check out some demos of each software and see which one speaks most directly to what you have in mind.  If you’re looking for an all-inclusive software package with recording capabilities, sequencing modules, editing tools, and various synthesis options — such as Native Instruments Komplete — then Komplete 9 Ultimate could be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something simpler that focuses on just one function — such as FL Studio (the popular DJing software) or Apple Garageband — then those might suit your needs better. Whatever type of music producer or creator you are, this list has got something great for everyone!

Ableton Live 10 Lite

Ableton Live is a fully-featured audio workstation and one of the most popular on the market. The Lite version offers everything you need to create beats and record music with MIDI controllers. It’s an excellent choice for beginners looking for a fully-featured package. This audio workstation includes all the features you could want in an audio editing program, such as virtual synthesizers, drum machines, and effects plugins that can be used in your productions. But what really sets it apart from other programs is its unique workflow, which relies on dragging and dropping to quickly build compositions and tracks. This software is available for purchase on both PC and Mac systems.

FL Studio 12

FL Studio 12 is an excellent option for those who want a fully-featured package. With FL Studio, you can sequence MIDI and audio, edit samples, mix with up to 64 channels, and much more. It also has a unique step sequencer that lets you create your own synth sounds. FL Studio comes with everything you need to start producing right away. It includes a 3-band equalizer, delay, reverb, and other effects that are easy to use. If you’re just getting started or don’t need as many features in your digital audio workstation, this one is for you.

Bitwig Studio 2

Bitwig Studio 2 is a fully modular audio workstation with an intuitive user interface. It has tracks, clips, and devices that can be freely combined to build your production. The new time-stretch mode in Bitwig Studio 2 lets you change a project’s tempo without affecting the pitch.

Bitwig Studio 2 also sports an improved library browser, making it easy to search through your assets and find what you need. The browser can quickly filter by file type or device, allowing for quick access to any component of your kit. With its fast performance, intuitive design, and improved features, Bitwig Studio 2 is worth checking out for any professional looking for a digital audio workstation.

Logic Pro X

For those who are looking for a fully-featured package, Logic Pro X is the best choice. It includes a full suite of professional-level tools and instruments. It has a massive sound library and features that make it easy to record, edit, and mix your tracks. The user interface is streamlined and simple to navigate making it easy for beginners to learn how to use the software.

Reason 9

Reason is a digital audio workstation that offers some of the best built-in tools for music production. Reason’s flagship synthesizer, ReDrum, is designed for creating drums and drum loops. With its included Effects Rack, you’ll be able to add effects like distortion or reverb to your music without having to leave the program.  If you’re looking for an affordable option that comes with all the features you need, then this is the digital audio workstation for you.


Garageband is a digital audio workstation that comes pre-installed on Apple’s Mac computers. It has all the features of the other apps on this list, but if you have a Mac computer, it’s a great option to consider. It may not be as versatile as some other packages, but it’s very user-friendly and easy to learn. With Garageband, you can compose music or add loops and samples to your current songs. It also provides easy access for recording live instruments like guitars or keyboards with an in-app array of effects and plug-ins.


The best audio workstation for you is the one that fits your needs and budget. So what does this mean for you?  When it comes to the best digital audio workstations for music production, there are quite a few options to choose from. In order to pick the one that is best for you, it’s important to take into consideration what you need as well as what you are willing to spend. Read on to learn more about the top 6 audio workstations on the market today, as well as some things to think about when choosing what is right for you.

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