About JammAround

Check out our mission and get to know our team.

Our Story

Jamm Around was created by Brent Craige, Donovan Williams, and Marlon Butler. The inspiration derived from a failed attempt at executive producing an album for their independent record label. They interviewed over 1,000 independent music creators before building their MVP and growing to 500 users. In 2021, the landed a spot in the VillageX cohort in New Orleans. In 2022, they placed first in the largest pitch competition in the nation and won a $400,000 investment prize.

Today, we are building the platform and scaling their user base. Our goal is to streamline the music composition process and vertically integrate up the music supply chain.

Our Mission

The music industry has changed drastically over the years. Before the internet, the music game was big business. The digital revolution has empowered independent music creators around the globe. Our mission is to connect music creators across the globe at the earliest phase in the music supply chain.

Music career management software is design to help creators move comfortably down the music supply chain. There are too many apps needed to manage a career and traditional managers aren’t scalable for independent music careers. 

Board of Advisors