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We’re going to email you all of this so don’t worry if you lose the page! You just activated a PRO Jammaround Subscription that comes with a lot of benefits. 

Benefits Include

How to register without signing up

For the most seamless experience we recommend signing up for Jammaround using the same email you subscribed with and uploading your songs there. But if you want another option you can download the CSV below and email the completed form every time you want us to register a new batch of songs. You can also upload the CSV directly into Jammaround to register songs other places (like the copyright office) in the future.

Download CSV

This is a file format that works with Google Sheets for free. Watch the tutorial video for instructions on how to fill out the form.

Complete Song Details

Fill out the form including all IPI numbers from all writers and publishers including their ownership percentage splits.

Email to Us!

Email the form to publishing@jammaround.com and wait for a confirmation email confirming the successful registration of your song.

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