Monthly Registration

Choose Your Songs

You can select between unreleased songs as a bundle or an album of released songs.

For Released Songs

If you choose to upload released songs, they must be from the same album.

Complete Details

Provide the information for each song, including title, lyrics, beats, and masters.

Two Options:

a. Unreleased Songs: Upload 1 to 10 songs that haven't been released yet.

b. Released Songs: Upload 1 to 15 songs that have been released.

Monthly Consistency

Remember, this is a monthly subscription. You’ll need to submit this form each month to keep your copyright filings consistent and up-to-date.

No Rollovers

Please note that any unused song submissions from the previous month will not roll over to the next month. Make the most of your submissions each month!

Check Your Email

After submitting, check your email for a confirmation and future instructions. Keep this link safe in case you need to access it again.

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