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Monthly Plan

$ 99 Filing Fees Included
  • Choose between 2 options every month
  • An unreleased or released single
  • A released album up to 15 songs

Basic Registration

$ 120 Filing Fees Included
  • A released or unreleased song
  • Register up to 10 unreleased songs
  • Group filing must be unreleased

Album Registration

$ 150 Filing Fees Included
  • Register up to 20 released songs
  • All songs are a part of one album
  • Must be released

Frequently Asked Questions

Jammaround offers a streamlined process to help you register your creative work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Our professional team reviews your application for accuracy and completeness before submitting it for you. We’re also working on bridge features from our mobile app to help you by-pass the process of manually submitting your information making registration faster than ever.

Our copyright registration packages start at $120, which includes the government filing fee for up to 10 songs. Additional fees may apply for extra songs or services. You can also get a cheaper rate by subscribing to our monthly package.

Do I have to register every individual song separately?

No, you can register multiple songs within a single application, up to the government’s limit of 10 songs per application. This helps you save on filing fees and simplifies the registration process.

What if I want to register more than 10 songs?

If you have more than 10 songs to register, you can add additional songs to your application for an extra fee per song. Our pricing is transparent and designed to accommodate your needs.

The processing time for copyright registration can vary, but it typically takes several months for the U.S. Copyright Office to review and process applications. We keep you updated on the status of your application.

Do I need to provide copies of my creative work for registration?

While not required, it’s recommended to submit copies of your work as part of the application process. This helps establish the content and nature of your creative work.

Copyright protection is primarily territorial, meaning it’s granted in the country where you register. However, many countries have reciprocal agreements that provide some level of protection for works registered in other countries.

Copyright laws are evolving in response to new technologies like AI. While copyright generally protects human-created content, the application of copyright to AI-generated content can be complex and may vary by jurisdiction.

What happens after my work is registered?

Once your work is registered, you have legal rights to protect it from unauthorized use. If someone uses your work without permission, you can take legal action to enforce your rights and seek damages.

Yes, you can copyright a song you’ve already released. Copyright protection is available for both new and existing creative works.

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