We made an exciting purchase a few weeks ago to help onboard music creators into the decentralized metaverse. We bought two parcels of land in the Aetheria District located on the Decentraland platform!

The land by came as a result of us wanting a space to showcase our network of artists on a blockchain metaverse platform. There are so many ownership opportunities in the web 3 music space that we wanted to create a space to connect our artists directly!

The purpose of the Jamm Around headquarters will be events. We have a screen that we can use to stream music videos and other pieces of content. We feel that adding this to our portfolio will set the foundation for our web 3 plans going forward. If you want to visit the parcel, you can click here.

If you want to submit your content to be streamed on our parcel make an account on Jamm Around and join our discord!

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